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Aug 12

UMC’s newly elected officers

As the new school year opens, opportunities for young leaders also open. School buddy organizations look for aspiring young leaders to be a part of their family. One of those organizations was the UMC or the Universal Math Club. Many aspiring young leaders try to be a part of the said organization, but only those who were favored by majority take part.

Majorities choices were:
Alyssa Cablao as the President
Frances Medalla as the VP
Audrey Amascual as the Secretary
Kiana Velasco as the Treasurer
Joy Paller as the Auditor
Andrew Grantos as the PIO
Raullyn-ann Sumayod as the First Peace Officer
Jandy Magallanes as one of the elected Peace officers
Neil Carl Conception as the Business Manager
Myles Molina as the Muse
Darwin Nudalo as the Escort

(Photo Captured during the Oath Taking Ceremony)

These elected officers were expected to give their best potential to achieve their organization’s mission.

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