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School Banner

School-Based Intensive Review Program Towards Achievement of Educational Goals
project sipag logo The project logo shows the dream of Leyte National High School in raising the bar of academic excellence. Standing sturdy towards the sky is a tree strong enough to stand any obstacles along its journey.The 3 learners and the different colors of the leaves symbolize the diversity of learners.The green book stands for great hope to increase the learners’ performance and the desire of the teachers to hone their skills

The hands represent the competent and nurturing teachers

The trunk means the DepEd officials who will monitor the impact of the project and ensure its success
The branches represent the different subject areas needed to be focused in the review as a result of the identified least learned skills.

The radiating sun gives the ray of hope , inspiration and motivation for the teachers and learners towards achieving the DepEd vision and mission and a clear, transparent, inclusive, and responsive accountability, collaboratively developed by school community

RATIONALEGuided by the goals of the Department of Education in the effective delivery of basic education services to ensure that every Filipino has access to complete basic education (access), every graduate is prepared for further education and the world of work (quality) and an effective, transparent and collaborative governance of basic education (governance) and the provisions of the Enhanced Basic Education Act 10533 which states that“we shall create a functional basic education system that will develop productive and responsible citizens equipped with the essential competencies , skills and values for both life-long learning and employment”

The Leyte National High School realized that there is an increasing demand for good education but its standards seem to be declining and this is the reason why our school is now living in its former glory.

To emerge as one of the effective schools in the country , it has to exhibit the following characteristics to wit :

  • A strong focus on ensuring academic success for each student
  • A refusal to accept excuses for poor performance; a willingness to experiment with a variety of strategies
  • Intensive and sustained efforts to involve parents and the community
  • An environment of mutual respect and collaboration
  • and a passion for continuous improvement and professional growth

Based on our records, result of the National Achievement Test(NAT) for the last four years ranges an average of 43.95 %. The school then came into realization that said result failed to conform to the national standards of 75 % Mean Percentile Score (MPS) set by the national level. Of all the performance measures , it is very evident that the NAT should be given the utmost priority and focus because it has been a leading problem.Hence, the Leyte National High School Tacloban City, with the influence and leadership of the Regional Office Banner Project LEAD and Schools Division Office Project DARE as models, accepted the challenge of providing specific interventions and solutions that would serve as a roadmap to address more systematically on a particular area of weakness : the very low MPS in the NAT in almost all subject areas being tested.

After series of consultations with the different stakeholders, identifying the underlying root causes, complexities, and factors of low MPS in the NAT the School Banner Project Team conceptualized a banner Project “SIPAG” which focuses directly on aspects of students’ achievements. Along this line , to support the School
Banner Project “SIPAG “,in its desire to make remarkable improvements, the head teachers, master teachers and teachers collaboratively worked together to identify Continuous Improvement (CI) projects that would help solve other pressing problems in the school and at the same time claim ownership.

Thus we say in “SIPAG” may patutunguhan.


Promote best practices that will improve the performance of the students

  • To identify the least learned skills in all the subject areas being tested in the NAT
  • To construct a comprehensive , accurate, relevant materials aligned with the national competencies being tested to be used during the intensive review
  • To increase the MPS NAT performance to 75 %
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